• HUMANITY has conducted several of awareness programs i.e. on Manrega,labour right, pollution & climate change, consumer awareness program etc at Ranchi and Daltongunjdistrict and also at many more many places.
  • We have launched special programs for unemployed youth. We have provided morale strength to the youth invarious districts of Jharkhand through counseling and solving their question related to their hope.
  • We have helped the needy people providing them proper support of counseling & suggestion as and when required.
  • We have conducted MATT MAHATTA AVIYAN (vote awareness program) in the interest of Nation.
  • Besides of the above HUMANITY has conducted many training &awareness programs that include on water conservation, Road safety, Human Behavior etc.
  • Worked a lot towards overall rural development program including value addition activities i.e. work for SHG formation, revival & training.

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