Your Aim and Objective

To extend the value of Morality, self respect devotion to motherland & dedication to the cause of Humanity.

  • To promote appropriate action programme where legitimate of education, health, environment, human rights, children & women welfare are threatened.
  • To develop an information system based on education, health, environment, agriculture, food & nutrition for the use of rural ST&SC.
  • To make the rural poor masses sensitive towards their needs, employment and rights.
  • To development cultivation, poultry, fishery, animal husbandry and plantation and to train the rural poor masses to help themselves to actively participate in development process.
  • To initiate activities including social Service at the time of natural calamities.
  • To organize recreation and culture programmes for men, women and children preferably in tribal & rural areas.
  • To undertake consultancy, assignment, project on human development and ecological development.
  • To collaborate with organizations /institutions in India and abroad in achieving the aims and objectives set as above including exchanges of ideas and their implementation.

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